Watch: Alexis Sanchez’s interesting reaction when asked if he will join Manchester City next season – City Watch

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Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City is fast developing into the biggest ‘will he, won’t he’ saga of the summer, with claims across the world that the Arsenal star wants the move and a reunion with Pep Guardiola.

Arsenal are in the process of closing a deal for Lyon forward Alexandre Lacazette, a player with the ability to replace Alexis’ goals, but this doesn’t definitely mean an exit for the Chilean hot-shot. The two of them together could wreak havoc on Premier League defences.

Sanchez has a contract offer on the table from Arsenal, but Manchester City lie in wait and it is now reported that Arsenal may budge and sell him if his heart is set on a new adventure.

So, what does Alexis think of this? Video footage has surfaced of his recent interview in which he was asked the question of whether he will be Claudio Bravo’s teammate next season at the Etihad or if there are other options.

Alexis’ reaction is interesting to say the least. He pauses, laughs, taps the table, and changes the topic, saying he is focused on the Confederations Cup. When asked if his future is decided, Alexis says yes, but of course will not reveal it… yet.

— Arsène’s Son (@hughwizzy) July 1, 2017