Manchester City midfield favourite to return and will learn from Pep Guardiola – City Watch

City Watch

Manchester City fan favourite Elano Blumer is set to return the club as he undergoes an internship, in which he hopes to improve his coaching methods according to Yahoo! Esportes. The former midfielder hung up his boots in December, after which he became assistant manager at Brazilian side Santos.

After the first-team coach was sacked, Elano was put in charge for two games – which saw the side pick up two victories. However it would now appear that Elano is ready to take the next step, with Santos willing to help him become a manager. The view is that Elano will return to former clubs Manchester City and Shakter Dontesk in order to learn the ways of a football manager and bring those skills and methods back to his side.

Yahoo! Esportes report that Pep Guardiola’s presence at Manchester City makes Elano’s return to the club even more important, as he plans to take some tips from one of the best manager’s in the world as he trains his talented side.

It is believed that the internship will start in August, after which he will return to Santos and hopefully become manager, with current manager Levir Culpi’s contract expiring in December.

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