Video: Gabriel Jesus returns to Jardim Peri, plays street football with local kids and rides bike

Gabriel Jesus is already enjoying his downtime after a successful start to life at Manchester City, and videos have appeared of him back where it all began, Jardim Peri, a neighborhood in the north of São Paulo.

The 20-year-old played street football with a local boy in the first video, before riding a bike through a street (he should remember to wear a helmet next time!).

City’s new Samba sensation has never forgotten where he grew up and said back in December: “I’m very connected to my neighborhood. Every time I have a day off, I go there, I’m at home. If I could, I would take the entire Peri Garden neighborhood to form a Jardim Peri in Manchester. It’s a place where I have peace, where I like to be.”

Here is footage of the young striker having fun back where it all started for him:

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