Important ground rules for people starting out with football betting

Despite the fact that more than $500 billion are bet each year on football games throughout the world, winning consistently at football betting is far from easy. And it isn’t any easier to consistently win if you enjoy lay down a few bucks playing blackjack, poker or slots at an online casino. While you can simply head to a popular portal like online-casinos-canada.ca to learn about the best online casino sites and games to place your wagers and practice your casino skills for free before playing for real, profiting consistently from football bets is a completely different ball game.

For instance, Manchester City’s initial bid of £18m for West Brom defender Jonny Evans has been rejected by the Baggies. Though the recent updates suggest that they’ll make a fresh bid of £ 25m for the West Brom Captain, there’s no guarantee that things will go in Manchester City’s favour.

Therefore, you can also carry out endless research to find effective methods to profit from football betting, you can never be sure what’ll happen next!

In fact, experts have created hundreds of so-called ‘foolproof’ betting systems that promise you huge riches, but sadly most of them may leave you no better than bankrupt!

Regardless of all the above, there are certain effective ground rules which if followed diligently, in a disciplined manner, can possibly help you register consistent profits in football betting. Before getting acquainted with any of these methods, it’s important to understand that you should approach football betting with the right mindset. No matter how good a betting system you may be following, if you approach football betting without any clear plan and a sound bankroll management strategy, you’re guaranteed to fail. Let’s move on to the ground rules now.

Ensure you have ample money in your bankroll

It means ensuring that you can withstand any losing streaks and/or occasional big losses. For instance, if your current bankroll has a total of £ 1000 in it, you can break it into several units and then bet only a few units each time, instead of risking $ 100 or $ 200 in one single go.

Work on a clear betting plan and stick to it

Let’s say you’ve decided that you will not wager anything more than 2% of your total bankroll on any given bet. If that’s what you’ve decided, stay true to it. You shouldn’t suddenly start wagering 5% to 10% simply because you are confident about a team’s performance.

Maintain a record of all your bets

One of the most crucial aspects of succeeding at football betting in the long term, this one’s often ignored by even the seasoned sports bettors. You must maintain a record of all your bets (both wins and losses) in an Excel sheet. Such record can help you track your performance, and show you patterns that can be helpful in fine tuning your strategy.

Never chase your losses

Let’s say you’ve carried out thorough research and have picked the best online bookmaker from a portal like online-gambling.ca to place your bets. Please note, no matter how good your bookie may be, you can never be profitable in football betting if you get into the habit of chasing your losses. It can be fatal for your bankroll (as you can read here in this thetimes.co.uk article).

Anytime you lose a bet, you must gracefully accept the loss and move on.

Never bet what you can’t afford to lose

By far the most fundamental rule of not just football betting, but any kind of sports betting, you should never bet an amount that you can’t afford to lose. It’s only when you bet something affordable that you’ll be less stressed about the entire thing and stay more focused on the strategy.

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