Eat Well and Speak English: Nicolas Otamendi reveals Pep Guardiola’s coaching secrets at City

Nicolas Otamendi is one of many players who have markedly improved this season at Manchester City, with Pep Guardiola’s philosophy now truly beginning to show. City are scoring freely, but are also much meaner at the back, and a big reason, in addition to the signing of Ederson, is the evolution of Otamendi and John Stones as a partnership.

The 29-year-old, who has started every Premier League and Champions League game this season, has been speaking to Fox Sport Radio in Argentina and offered some interesting insight about how Pep governs the dressing room.

“After the match we are obliged to eat together. Nutrition and rest are important because we play continuously,” Otamendi told the radio broadcaster.

English is also important in the dressing room, which brings the team together and encourages fewer ‘cliques’.

“Guardiola is quite picky with diet and not only that: he tells us that we all have to learn English. This is because team meetings are in this language, and in December I have an exam.

“Guardiola does all these things so that we can perform in the best possible way. These things help the team function.”

The Catalan boss is very strict with his team, but also understands the importance of being sociable – a flaw which ultimately led to Blues hero Roberto Mancini losing his job in 2013.

“He is omnipresent, and not only for football. He always asks how things are going with our family and everything else.”

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