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Aguero and Fernandinho disappoint as City fall at Anfield: Man City Player Ratings vs. Liverpool

Manchester City were beaten at Anfield… again. Here’s how I rated the players.

Ederson – 3

Quite comfortably his worst performance for us. Responsible for the fourth goal and could’ve done better for the first and second. Passing was good as always but on nights like tonight we need better from him with his hands.

Kyle Walker – 4

Got an assist so earns one of my higher ratings. But still didn’t cover himself in glory, getting caught out of possession a few times.

Nicolas Otamendi – 4

Made a horrendous error for the third Liverpool goal but was otherwise one of our least dreadful players. His long passing was often great- no surprises there. Could’ve scored twice.

John Stones – 3

Stones has looked his old self since returning from injury, and not in a good way. Needed to stop the second goal, which could’ve had a big impact on the game.

Fabian Delph – N/A

No time to mark. But it’s crazy how much we missed him when he went off.

Fernandinho – 2

Was just awful. In probably the worst performance I’ve ever seen from Fernandinho, he constantly gave it away, offering nothing in defence or attack.

Kevin De Bruyne – 4

Right up there with our best players, which is saying… nothing. I saw some good moments from the Belgian tonight but also some very uncharacteristic mistakes and wayward passes.

Ilkay Gundogan – 3

Gundogan is very likeable and often very good but tonight he was a huge downgrade from David Silva. He contributed next to nothing, rarely defended and created very little. It was like throwing a cricketer in midfield. However, his late goal was well taken.

Leroy Sané – 5

He actually scored so I can’t be too harsh on Leroy but I can’t help thinking he could’ve been sharper. In fairness, and because I’ve precious little else to be happy about, the goal itself was wonderful and should remind us how good Sané can get.

Raheem Sterling – 3

I don’t often criticise Raheem but it feels like the Anfield crowd have his number. Today he went completely missing and seemed intimidated throughout.

Sergio Aguero – 2

Dreadful, just awful. One of the worst performances I can remember seeing from a striker – and supposedly a world class one too. Never kept the ball or looked like creating a chance. He has to be much, much better if we come up against Barcelona or PSG. That’s if his terrible showing tonight hasn’t convinced the board to sign Sanchez after all.


Danilo – 3

Danilo wasn’t awful but certainly not good enough tonight.

Bernardo Silva – 5

Actually looked tidy and got himself a goal. Great finish too.

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